with heart and soul

Thanks for the visit! I'm Luis from Barcelona - Spain. I have a workshop where I make handcrafted goods... simplicity and functionality are the characteristics of these products. Feel free to ask for customs goods.

discovering leather

I'm the son of a carpenter and I worked with my father during my youth. Perhaps that is why I have always felt a special attraction to crafts. Working with leather began in 2010. After spending years and years working with my computer, my head and my hands desperately asked me to detox. At that time I was looking for a leather wallet, but I could not find any that I fully liked. I found the solution: "I will do it myself." What came next were months of searching, learning, trial and error ... And then all the people I know began to ask me for wallets, bags ... With them I practiced and improved my technique. Especially with Marta, my girlfriend, who became my private tester. Thanks to the support and encouragement of my friends I began making handcrafted leather goods. Currently I combine my work as a designer at with Cocuan.

My philosophy is to create simple and functional products. First I consider the requirement and then I try to create the article that will offer the answer to this. Always using the minimun elements required.

Thanks for your time reading this!!

The life so short, the craft so long to learn.



Address:Plaça Nova, 5 - Ripoll - Spain

Phone:+34 972 53 90 44